Matadero Madrid  -  July 2018

Divided in several themed stations, the installation is interactive, generating a feeling of shared intimact, respite and recharge. The space is also designed to host meetings, concerts and workshops with the framework of a pleasurable citizen space.

Read more about the Madrid iteration here.

Siestas Negras, through an embodied reclaiming of obscurity, softness and idleness as a place of power, highlights the frontlines which exist as much in our intimate spaces as they do in our public lives.
This space is both a sacred and functional space that prioritizes several confortable surfaces, conductive both to rest and to play, specially tailored for Matadero Madrid’s building and history.

Pride Party


As part of Madrid Pride, Navild Acosta and Fannie Sosa host a party with Pussy Palace, Bbz and Nadia Rose.